Air and Space June July 1988 - The Black Box

EMR Pulse 1988-01-xx  
EMR Pulse 1988-02-xx EMR Pulse 1988-07-xx
EMR Pulse 1988-03-xx Margaret Herbst retires EMR Pulse 1988-08/09-xx
EMR Pulse 1988-03-xx  
EMR Pulse 1988-04-xx EMR Pulse 1988-10-xx
EMR Pulse 1988-05-xx  
EMR Pulse 1988-06-xx EMR Pulse 1988-12-xx

ITC Papers

ITC_1988_88-035 WSMR by Art Kelly ITC_1988_88-038  1553 by David Payne and Mike O'Brien
ITC_1988_88-039 Telemetry Database by Jim Massing ITC_1988_88-075 Distributed Computing by Bob Buell
ITC_1988_88-T01 Trends in Telemetry by Jud Strock  

Marin Edgeworth Retires

Marvin Retirement - Deborah Stilley Marvin Retirement - Marvin, Karen Critchlow, Sue Sutherland
Marvin Retirement - Jeff Kelley Marvin Retirement - Marvin, Karen, Jan Ammen, Sue Sutherland
Marvin Retirement - Jon Brown, Troy, Marvin Marvin Retirement - Mike Erdahl, Jack and Patsey Snider, Rick Mitchell
Marvin Retirement - Karl Hahn, Mike Erdahl, Rick Mitchell Marvin Retirement - Patsey Snider and Sue Sutherland
Marvin Retirement - Kevin Lewis, Troy Schleicher, Dan Smith Marvin Retirement - Sue Sutherland
Marvin Retirement - Larry Creel, Sue Sutherland, Rosemary and Robert Williams, Mike Meesit Marvin Retirement - Truman Prevatt, Mike Erdahl, Beth Putnam
Marvin Retirement - Marvin Edgeworth and Jon Brown JPLsystem
Marvin Retirement - Marvin, Dale Rodger, Larry, Jim Apperson